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scripting - What is the most useful script you've written ...
What is the most useful script you've written for everyday ... it's a small python script to calculate running pace given ... What useful GDB scripts have you used ...

What are some useful Python scripts? - Quora

What are some useful python scripts for system automation? How can I get the latest notifications from my college website using a Python script? Related Questions.

Python Visualization : Crafting Visual Transformation Scripts ... MORE

What are some cool / useful python scripts for personal ...

What are some cool / useful python scripts for personal use? ... BeautifulSoup--great for web-scraping; and praw--a python library to access the reddit API.

Python programmers/Blender users, CG Masters dive into Python ... MORE

Some Useful Python Scripts - BlenderNation

Some Useful Python Scripts 4. By Allan Brito on September 20, 2007 Python Scripts. Do you remember the short movie Cosmic Balance? An article about this ...


GitHub - rasbt/python_reference: Useful functions ...

python_reference - Useful functions, ... More benchmarks can be found in the separate GitHub repository One-Python-benchmark-per-day. ... // Useful scripts and snippets

nxt-python - A pure-python driver/interface/wrapper for the Lego ... MORE

Useful Scripts - Documentation of various Python packages

Location of the scripts¶ Here are some scripts that you may find useful. They are in the folder ”./eppy/useful_scripts” And now for some housekeeping before we ...


Cool Python Scripts/Small Programs – Ubuntu Forums

Okay, post your cool python scripts here. The don't have to be terribly useful, but just what you consider neat. Here is one I made that searches google (with a bit ...


What are the best Python scripts you've ever written? - Quora

Which are the best python scripts ever written? ... Have you ever written a useful script to aid your fantasy football team? If so, what did it do?


Learn to Program using Python: Writing and Using Scripts ...

Rather, it will involve getting your computer set up for using scripts with Python. What Is A Script? ... That is where scripts are useful. Scripts are reusable


Useful Scripts for the Non-Programmer: Converting VBA ...

Useful Scripts for the Non-Programmer: Converting VBA Scripts to Python (Updated) Feb 04, 2014 – Corey Blakeborough. Comments: (4)


Forge Formats Python Script and IFC Open Shell

Before you can make any use of the Forge web services, you will need to register an app and request the API client id and client secret for it at > my apps. These scripts assume that you have stored these credentials in the ...


Generating realistic dates using SQL Data Generator and Python

Half of the resulting rows use a NULL instead. Paste that into SDG as the script for the python generator to use, and the results should look similar to those shown in Figure 5. This time, the value for ModifiedDate is conditional on values in two other ...


There And Back Again – A Journey Into Network Automation Part 3 – Python

so I think using Python for this was the right choice. In some ways it was harder writing this article in such a way that it is useful than it was to create my test script. I do hope that it will provide a starting point for developing code against a real ...


How to turn the raspberry pi into a wireless printer server_ print from python _ techradar bloomberg stock futures market

Pound to usd conversion rate You can also use Python to generate printer-friendly content. The script fetches details about all the printers managed by CUPS and prints their name and device address to the screen. Ringgit to usd When you execute the script ...


How to scrape Hotel Details using Python and LXML

We use python requests to download the entire HTML of this page ... d1776857-Reviews-Langham_Place_New_York_Fifth_Avenue-New_York_City_New_York.html The script will automatically create a file called tripadvisor_hotel_scraped_data.json with the scraped ...


My Take on an Azure Open Source Cross-Platform DevOps Toolkit–Part 2

Rather than use plug-ins, we will focus on running script code in Python. The advantage of using Python to do our tasks is that we have full control over the behavior that is needed, minimizing dependencies on other software components inside of Jenkins ...


How I recorded an album in an evening with a lunchbox modular and a python script

I also found the titles useful. I liked ‘Kusawoxaba’ as a title ... It would be easy to make the python script more complex; to add sections within songs, to create more sophisticated naming or mood systems, to suggest melodic lines or sequences ...


Deploying a Python web application to IBM Bluemix

This information is provided to your application code to use the service instance bound to your application ... credentials can change periodically. – the Python application script. This sample Python script retrieves service information from ...


Python and LoRaWAN on the Siemens IoT2020

The Siemens IoT 2020 is designed for use as a gateway between industrial installations ... With an application configured and a device provisioned on the network, a simple Python script could be created to test sending unconfirmed uplink messages to ...


Calling Qiime scripts sequencially in Python 2.7 program

I'm beginning to learn Python 2.7 and need to develop some applications for a lab project. I want to run an external program and then use its output as input for another external call in the same script. The issue is that the script tries to call the ...


BackdoorMan - Toolkit That Helps You Find Malicious, Hidden And Suspicious PHP Scripts And Shells

A Python open source toolkit that helps you find malicious, hidden and suspicious PHP scripts and shells in a chosen destination ... Recognition of web back-doors. Detect the use of suspicious PHP functions and activities. Use of external services beside ...



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